Controlling The V4 With A R/c Controller


Hey guys just a quick question. Guys in the BB8 group want to us the v4 but need to know if the v4 can be controlled by a RC controller.


lol - no.

Just to get this straight - they want to put an engine in a horse? Rather than accept the automobile... *shake head*

1) Put one of these in the robot:

2) Use a joystick with it:


make a mobile app and use your phone/tablet.

Ain't gonna impress nobody with an R/C joystick from 1975 lol


Sounds absolutely ridiculous, but i think it could be done through the analog ports, no?


lol - i "guess" someone could connect an analog r/c receiver to the analog ports of the EZ-B. You could write an ez-script to monitor the ADC voltages and perform servo movements or hbridge direction changes based on the ADC.

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If you want to get into arduino programming you can look at some code like that used by James Bruton on his R6 droid project that used a standard RC RC control rig to provide user input to an arduino.

You Tube Video Jame Bruton R6 Droid

Jame Bruton has a web page for the R6 Droid.

Jame Bruton R6 Droid Web Page

Basically he captures the PWM signals provided by the RC controller and has an arduino recreate them as a digital value. He uses these digital values for a number of things in his R6 Droid. You could have the arduino simply send the value of the PWM to the EZB via TTL UART or I2C if you choose. James Bruton even converted some of the PWM channels on the RC remote into an array of Buttons using an Arduino on the Remote and the one in his R6 Droid. It was actually kind of a cool setup.

Seems a bit like overkill to me if you are using an EZ-B.

I do agree a Smartphone app would be much more impressive, but some people prefer the old style RC remote feel to trying to press buttons on a smartphone or tablet screen. There is something to the feel you get from the analog joystick controls that just isn't there with a Touchscreen.


Robert, the arduino isn't necessary. If they want to use an old school R/C remote, then connecting the R/C analog receiver directly to the EZ-B ADC pins will work and not require an Arduino.

The ADC will read the PWM's varying voltage.


Ok , ha ha lol yes i said the same thing to both the head of the R2 builders club and BB-8 Builders club. The issue they bring up was that at places like Mega Con in Orlando the Wifi is not dependable like there "Jedi Control" system run of R/C transmitters and controllers. They said that the wifi type connection won't be safe enough to have 150 to 200lb R2 units running around with the possibility of loosing wifi connection and wondering off into the 175,000 attendants. Is there a way to make the connection more secure?


More secure? You can't get any more secure than WPA2 WiFi security, which is built into the EZ-B. And they can change WiFi channels to use ones that aren't saturated.

I can't give them a lesson on WiFi, but google will help. It's not like they have to connect to the WiFi network of the building - it's AdHoc so they connect directly to the robot.

Sounds like some ppl may just be looking for excuses to stay old school - that's understandable, no need to disrupt what they're used to Smile


@DJ Sures Agreed, last question, what is the max distance(avg) from robot to app?


That varies on the client, placement of the ez-b and the amount of grounded metal around the antenna. could be 50 feet, could be 100 feet, could be 5 feet... It's impossible to commit to a distance with a DIY custom robot that ez-robot has no control over.