Usb To Computer Now With Update?


Ok so

ez-b v4.x/2 comm expansion configuration utility

with new update.. Does this mean some how some way my dream of USB to computer has happened and I just dont know how to wire it? Or is this a preemptive update with the how to follow ? Grin


pre-emptive. New com board under development. DJ has talked about maybe adding USB capability, this seems to confirm it is at least being tested.



Currently you can't wire your ezb4 for USB... looks like this is for the ezb4 1/2 right now.... And as Alan mentioned the new ezb4 1/2 (and upgrade board) could be here tomorrow (@DJ had mentioned January/Feb as a time line) or June. We're still waiting for other new products that were announced last April....To top it off China is on it's one month holiday right now... so sit tight... Smile


Thanks guys Grin


The new comm board is not under development. The new comm board is in manufacturing and will be shipping March/April. All developments for it are done, and we use it in house.

The expansion board connects to the new comm board to allow USB connectivity direct to your PC. You lose the camera port, but that's okay considering the onboard PC is better off running a USB camera anyway.


You are my hero!

Thanks DJ


@DJ That's really interesting so does the expansion board connect (plug into) through the existing ezb camera port?... Can I assume the expansion board is something different than the ezb4 1/2 upgrade module or is it an all in one deal?...

Any chance for a sneak peek video of the board(s) Smile


The expansion board is an add-on module that has two functions, which can be identified in the utility or the respective manual page. The board connects to the ez-b v4.x/2 camera port. It only works with the v4.x/2, it will not work with earlier versions.

The UART mode pass-through allows uart data up to 3.3 mbps to transparently connect to the PC over WiFi, and acts like a regular buffered serial port on the pc. This is useful for connecting directly to a Lidar sensor, for example over wifi.

The USB mode allows the expansion module to control the ez-b via usb directly to a pc. The WiFi is completed disabled in this mode for power consumption and rf interference.


The infamous "?" ... just read it now.... awesome Smile


DJ, this is really cool. Now if I could only find my good webcam (I think now I left it in a hotel on a business trip a year ago. I have looked everywhere else it could be).