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Assistance Requested

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lizpoir claims to have checked these sources:

Hello DJ,
follow Scripts dont work:


FileWrite(“c:\temp\mylog.txt”, “My Variable: “ + $x)

FileWriteLine(“c:\temp\mylog.txt”, “My Variable: “ + $x)

And when SpeakRSS is active, I can not stop using a voice command it. The voice control reacts to a command when Peak RSS is active. I will stop the RSS with Spoeak Command.


I have found a few conversations, tutorials and activities that may help with your question. Take a look at these links. I've sorted them by what I believe to be most relevant but that is not always the case as I'm still learning.

Also, consider reviewing the Learn section for informative lessons and activities. Check it out!


If you look at all of these, they all contain paths to things. What I do normally is something like this


$pathtoexecute = "C:\Windows\Notepad.exe")



$url = "";

This is normally done because I have a script that launches EXE's and I call this script from other scripts after setting the executable that needs to be run based on the action that has been requested. I also sometimes need to concatenate the data needed for identifying the exe which can be done more easily in a variable.

I haven't been in the scripting mode for quite some time, but these are the things I remember about this.


Thanks for your answer, I'm looking for a way actually a file with voice command to open, to dictate my notes, and save the file. That's why I use these commands tested only once to work me to the destination. Unfortunately, without success.


Referring to the code:
It seems that the quote mark you are using is the wrong kind.
This is one of yours ” . The correct one looks slightly different "

The quote I used is on the key with the single quote on my keyboard. Apparently the one you used has a different character code. When I paste your lines into a script, the quote marks slant to the left on the left side and the right on the right side.

When I substituted the double quote marks from my keyboard, the lines worked properly.

EDIT Looking into it further it appears the double quotes you used are hex 93 and hex 94 whereas the correct character should be hex 22.


You want to use voice commands in EZ-Builder to open a txt file and dictate anything you want to it and save the file? I don't think you can do that with EZ-Builder. The voice commands are designed for specific things not open ended text to speech. And the file reading and writing is designed for specific things as well, like specific variables and not open ended text to speech.

If you want to dictate notes perhaps a product like Dragon Naturally Speaking would be a better application.


at WBS00001,
the scripts I have copied from EZ-Builder, the EZ-Builder the quotes are all correct, I've just tried this. The error occurs only when copying in the browser.

at JustinRatliff
okay it may be that I can not get the realized, but that still does not explain why the instructions are given in the EZB with me not working.


Please consult this thread for international keyboard incompatibilities with programming environments:


Hello DJ,
thanks for your help, i learn every day.
Now work through your help with the keyboard layout, the following commands:




Thanks also to WBS00001

but here i have also a problem:

• $date - work
• $month - work
• $year - work
• $day - work
• $dayName - work not ?
• $hour - work
• $minute - work
• $second - work
• $monthName - work not ?


1: Say ("$dayName")
> Error on line 1: Missing String Quotes or Invalid Expression: Mittwoch
Done (00:00:00.0259952)

Why not work with all scripts with (name) ?


when "SpeakRSS" is active, I can not stop using a voice command it. The voice control reacts to a command when Peak RSS is active. I will stop the "SpeakRSS" with a Speak Command. Is this a Bug?

and my last Problem at the Moment:

SoundBoard PC
the command that I fix the volume?


Take the quotes out

Say ($dayName)

Also, when using say, I always pause the speech recognition and then unpause it after the speech has completed.

Saywait is the one I use instead of say.


one other thing you can do is...

get the rss feed and load it into a variable.

use the saywait to say the variable.

clear the variable.

This allows you to then have an rss read script that you just call after the rss has been loaded to the variable.