Eddie. The I-cybie & Ez-robot Mongrel Robot Dog


Hey there. For anyone reading this thread which unfortunately seems to have stopped development, I have just picked up an I-Cybie myself and have begun modifications. I found a way to re-use the existing legs which will work with the EZ-B. Check out my thread here https://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/Thread?threadId=10171 if you want to know how. I don't even own an EZ-B yet but am thinking I will purchase one for this project. Regardless, this same method can be used to hack Wowwee products, possibly Zoomer as well.


Not stopped development... just put on hold for a while I've been dealing with a few things such as moving house.

EDDIE has recently been unpacked so I'll post an update soon when I get back to it, finished off the last few little jobs that need to be done and start on his Auto Position control etc.

Back soon. Smile

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