Eddie. The I-cybie & Ez-robot Mongrel Robot Dog



Yes it would be a challenge putting it all back together, but the more I think about doing the conversion, it seems I'll be using a lot less original parts I'll be using. Basic, just the body and head panels. Don't think I can really call this a hack... more of a rebuild.

Still not sure about the layout for the insides just yet. The way I have it worked out will be to use standard size HD servos for the legs, and micros for the head. I should just get two rotation servos sitting back to back for the shoulders, and the rest will be a good height...

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Definitely looking forward to getting stuck in. Lord only knows what it's going to turn out like thought, lol. Smile


Thanks Dan.

I always fancied one of the Aibo's too, and just missed out on one for a good price on eBay a couple of years back. I thought about making my own quadruped using EZ-Bits some time ago, but never got around to it. This is he next best thing I guess.


Are the encoders for the motors potentiometers ? If they are maybe you could wire them up as servo. Connect them to Standard Servo internal boards.. Just a thought.



Yes, they are potentiometers that fit to one of the gears. Your idea was one of my initial thoughts, but to keep all 16 motors and gear mechanisms in place would mean zero room for the EZ-B or anything else, which is a shame. And I don't think I would have enough ports to hook up all of the encoders and H-bridges anyway.

Thanks for the idea though.


I was back in my attic today and found another mistery box with some goodies inside. Looks like I have found my next mini project...

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I though this was smashed to pieces and was thrown out, but it's in pretty good condition. It's not the U-command version, but the interactive one and stands about 25cm tall. Can't find the control for it, but no matter as I'll do a full EZ-B hack for this much like DJ and others have done.

Anyway, back to the dog, and I've got the head setup worked out. I've taken the camera, two micro servos, and RGB array out of JD's head and worked out where to fit them in the dogs head. The RGB array fits just nicely behind the tinted eye covers, the camera will go in the nose, and a bit of cutting in the head panels should house the pan micro servo quite well.

I'll hopefully start work on that tomorrow.


Day 4.

Time for a little progress report. This really is going to be a rebuild and not a hack, otherwise there just won't be the room I need. Anyway, I started work on the head by fitting the RGB panel behind the eyes, and attached the camera in to the nose...

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I'll look to using the original nose button to cover the camera up and drill a hole for the lens. Next, I cut out a small MDF platform and mounted the four rotation servos for the inner shoulder joints...

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Then I fitted some servo brackets to the original feet. The gaps that are showing on the top of the feet will be filled in with something...

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User-inserted image

Next I'll strap some zip ties around the shoulder servos for added support, then see about fitting the EZ-B. I'll also fit the micro servos to the head, then to the body.

That's all for now.


its very injoyeble to see this build.


It's coming on well, and as you said it not just a hack but a complete Rebuild. I like the camera in the nose, but could this be a problem when the head is in the normal position, and the nose pointing to the floor?

I've found a very cheap solution for the battery pack, I have two 6v AA
Ni-MH 2800mAh Packs, which I plan to put in series for 12v it makes a simple solution to use a centre tap for the 6v supply.
I will put then together in the orgination as the original battery to fit in the I-Cybie. Still waiting for my I-Cybie to arrive!




Yeah, it's quite a fun little project. Much easier than working out designs and building larger robots, although I do enjoy that too.


Nice idea with the battery, and certainly a cheaper solution, and should give you a really good run time.

In regards to the camera position, you do make a good point. But, you've also got to remember that the little fella is going to be completely reprogrammed using EZ Builder, so I can (and will) have the default head resting position facing forwards instead of pointing at the floor. I've got a sharp IR and a PIR sensor winging their way to me, so these could also go towards motion detection to activate or disable the camera.


Hi Steve,

He is coming along well. I like the head design. Camera in the nose will look good and is my favorite location. I am not a fan of the "gun shot hole in the head" designs. Noses make good places for "eyes"...LOL.. I look forward to your continued progress reports.

Ron R

He sure has a Snoopy looking face..