Inmoov Camera Tracking With Eyes, Head And Torso


Develop for Inmoov Robot. (Could also be used with any mobile)
This script allows the eyes, head and torso to follow the camera tracking selection.

When the tracking object is out of the camera field, every thing will then center in a neutral position.

The script could be adapted on a mobile where the camera scan for something and when the object is found, the mobile will align itself with the camera and move to the target.

If interested, the file is available in the cloud

camera tracking

Tanks to Bob Houston for sharing the Inmoov eyes modification


Nice.... I was wondering how you got the eyes to work properly... Yes Bob's eye mod works way better than the original....


Thanks, this is great.
I've been wanting to work on a script that does this. This saves me many hours and brain cells.


The link above is not working. Could you please provide an updated link. I am in process of building my own INMOOV.


User-inserted image

Here is my progress.....


@dave, yup i was thing thing the same thing....B9 would work so well with this type movement!



Try to open the file from EZ-Builder (EZ-Cloud AppStore)

you will find it in the list when you select my user name (Aerius)


I can't get this to download.

Just get this>> This page isn’t working sent an invalid response.