Roboscratch Plugin


@DJ.... Great idea! A simple GUI for beginner programming.... It will quickly teach newbies "logic" programming so it will be easier to transition to scripting....

There is no way anyone with a pulse would not be able to use RoboScratch..... Awesome work dude! Smile


Thanks Richard - it's a work in progress but i really feel it's going to play an important role in EZ-Builder.


@Dj, do the actions in "action" component in RoboScratch only get populated from the auto-position Movement Panel? I tried it using just the basic auto-positioner but nothing gets populated to the action component tabs.... Hope that made sense...


Correct. You need a project that already exists.


No, I have a project that has actions in the basic autopositioner, but those actions won't populate the action component in RoboScratch.. So I was wondering if RoboScratch only works with the auto position Movement Panel and not the servo autopositioner?


That might be a auto positioned without movement. That isn't supported yet. Please understand this is in beta and is purely experimental.

The code for that positioned is commented out in the source code of the plugin.


No worries was just wondering... totally understand... FYI, I think you got something here and I really think newbies will love it.... Just my opinion, but you should really promote this as one of the main ez robot highlights and/or features...

Think about it.... How many people have asked "how do I learn to script"? This is the perfect way... Even Nomad says he learns better with video and pictures... I think as it progress he can use RoboScratch to learn more about scripting... Actually come to think about it Darticus really could have used this to get started....


This looks really slick. Looking forward to having some time to play with it.



nice - it's a work in progress, but as a plugin it's great to share. Make sure you get the latest version of course. As I've been updating versions all day, there will be more often.

the latest version has more elements, but also works with "columns" for the execution task...


This really looks great. Writing scripts is still something that I need to learn a lot more about. I'm getting there bit by bit, but still got a long way to go, and this should be a great help with advancing my scripting knowledge at a faster rate. This should also help my sisters kids quite a bit too.

Many thanks DJ. Really nice plugin, and looking forward to playing with it. Smile