What Ac/ Dc Adapter Should I Use


I just have a quick question. What kind of AC/DC adapter should I use? I just want to be sure not to break anything. Right now I am just working off of battery which dies off quickly some times. Thanks!


Here you go: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/UserTutorials/163/1

Learn section to the rescue!


Depends what robot your ezb4 is in.... If you are powering many servos you will need at least a 6V or 7.4V 20 amp power supply....


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Lol thanks Dj. Here's what the robot looks like:
User-inserted image
He has 1 camera, and 3 HD servos. I read not to go past 12 volts, or below 2 volts. Any recommendations? This is my first robot ever. Smile


What servos are you using? Hitecs like 6V... EZ Robot servos are good with 7.4v.... Do not use 12V or your Bear may experience the magical blue smoke... Tongue

BTW... The ezb4 itself is good from about 5V to 16V, but servos are generally good around 6V to 7.4V....


Yeah. Lol. I'm using HD 180 servos.


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My answer for power supply is quite complicated but simple - I encourage direct battery power. BUT, if you need a power supply, there are digital switching options to choose. Make sure it's enough amperage according to that tutorial I linked to.

Motors are unpredictable for power consumption because they are electro-magnetic and there's a pile of variables that are pretty much unpredictable without a degree in physics Smile

So pick a real high amperage digital switching supply for 6-7v and use it Smile