Ez-robot T-shirts


It's likely news to only a few of you that our own @bhouston has been selling EZ-Robot branded T-Shirts, but for the rest I wanted to offer a bit of a review Smile

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I'm been wearing my EZ-Robot T-shirts off and on for the past month or so and let me say, they are comfortable! These shirts are also high quality. They aren't those thin T-shirts that shrink every you time you wash them. My shirts maybe shrank a tiny percentage but it wasn't noticeable. These T-shirts are built to last, Bob knows how to pick his materials, I definitely commend him on his selection.

I'm likely going to pick up some more for my family members. Thanks again Bob for offering these shirts to the EZ-Robot fans out there Grin

*Edit: Here's a Link to the site


Thanks for the endorsement Jeremie.

North 55 Designs is proud to be the exclusive supplier of EZ-Robot T- shirts. We are selling a top of the line product, just the like EZ-Robot does.

The EZ-Robot logo's are printed on 100% Ultra Cotton T-shirts and they are available in 3 different colors as well.

I hope everyone checks them out - we ship all over the world.



Are the T-shirt prices in Canadian or US?




Canadian buddy.

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Nomad moment.... Tongue That's good as the current exchange rate it would make it nearly $50 CAD if the prices were to be in US$


Lol. Smile


Yes, all of the prices are in Canadian dollars. At today's rate's, that's about $20 a T-shirt if you are paying with the Euro or the US dollar.

Check them out at http://north55.ca/collections/ez-ts


Awesome! I just hope they come in kid sizes! I could use about 7 of them so my son could have one for every day of the week! Smile


That is the best post i've ever seen! I take it your son is loving his ez-robot?


DJ yes he loves them. Every moment of his day he thinks of them. If you only could see his school work...all Ez Robot Art, Math, Writing...free time. You are his hero and he is already planning on moving to Canada to start an EZ robot School called Ez Robot Junior....after he goes to MIT. Winky He saw the shirts when I posted my comment and said "Mom I NEED those shirts!"

He was not happy I was trying to change batteries from one robot to the other to calabrate Six's servos tonight. He believes he knows everything about Ez Robot and I am just "mom the helper" to the tune of him wanting to help the community so he can earn ez credits. Lol. I told him we need to figure out his robots.

He has been requesting I send back the battery from Six to you and his old servo from his adventure bot because he thinks you are the all knowing DJ and you could fix them. If you ever wanted Hero status you have it in his eyes.