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Wifi Keeps Disconnecting For Six

Assistance Requested

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abrown claims to have checked these sources:

In my robotics class, a pair of students have a basic Six robot that they are trying to program to do a 5-minute dance routine. They are using the standard, canned, Six movements for their routine and have added a 5-minute mp3 to choreograph to. It's basic stuff, but their Six consistently loses WiFi communication, thus interrupting the dance routine.

WiFi loss does not occur at the same place. It happens pretty randomly. It happens when connected to different computers. It happens when Six is fully charged. It happens after the computer has been rebooted. We could not trace the problem down to anything specific.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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There are no reports of this behavior. So let's find out what we can do to get you running Smile. It's also important to consider the computer it losing wifi, not the robot. So let's start by answering these questions please.

1) When the connection to the robot drops, does it reboot or disconnect? The difference is in the sound that is made. A reboot will play the startup sound. A disconnect will play a disconnect sound.

2) Have you tried different wifi channels? Perhaps the wifi channel in question is saturated by other wifi devices.

3) Are you using the latest EZ-Builder?

4) Lastly, you can always share the project and we can take a look to see if there is something in the project that is causing the disconnect. You can share a project by using the ATTACH FILE button to the right of the forum entry form. Once you select the file, press the UPLOAD FILE button. That will add the file to your message. Post it in this thread and we'll take a look Smile


Also, this utility will come in handy for scanning wifi networks to see what channels are available if that is the cause:


make sure your battery is fully charged before starting a 5 minute routine. Because of the large number of servos a Six will only run about 10 minutes of constant motion on a full charge. I have sometimes seen the WiFi connection start to have problems (dropping the connection, not rebooting) a bit before the "my battery is low" indicator triggers, particularly if I am doing a lot of motion. I suspect it is low enough that it is starting to brownout, but since it stops moving as soon as the Wifi drops, it recovers before rebooting.



Thanks for the prompt responses...much appreciated.

Answers to questions:

1) It is not the reboot sound when it disconnects.
2) We have not tried different WiFi channels. Will give it a shot tomorrow.
3) Not using the latest EZ-Builder version. Seems like the versions come out so frequently that there is no time to get them updated during class. I will get updated tonight.
4) No problem sharing if the other suggestions do not solve the problem.

I downloaded WiFiInfo and will see what's going on with the channels here.

I do tell the students to fully charge their EZ-Robots frequently. I'll remind them again tomorrow. Also, maybe I'll cut back the dance routine to 3 minutes to save on juice.

Thanks again for your responses.


I will need clarification on these questions...

1) When the connection to the robot drops, does it reboot or disconnect? The difference is in the sound that is made. A reboot will play the startup sound. A disconnect will play a disconnect sound. I need to know if it reboots or disconnects. Which sound does it play? If it does not play a sound, respond with "does not play a sound on disconnect" or something similar.

Regarding the battery - that would not be an issue. Alan's experience is coincidental, as the wifi requires 3.3v and the battery cutoff is 7v.

In our tests a Six in "Forward Fast" action will run for 18 minutes non-stop before the battery saver kicks in. That is non-stop, meaning never stopping or changing actions. This means simply selecting "forward fast" and letting it run until battery saver kicks in without touching it or stopping it.


DJ, he answered your question:


1) It is not the reboot sound when it disconnects.

I don't think it is coincidental. I have the same issue with both Six and Roli. Either one will sometimes, and only when under heavy movement load, lose WiFi connection when the battery is approaching but not at the low point. Again, I suspect it is starting to brownout and would reboot, but because the WiFi disconnects and the movement stops, it self recovers, but when I reconnect, I invariably and almost immediately start getting the low battery warning.

You should know me well enough by now to know that I don't post about my experiences without having tested and validated what I am seeing a number of times.

That being said, if you are getting 18 minutes from your Sixes, I may try swapping the battery that came in mine with the spare I recently ordered. I never get more than 10 minutes of moderate movement. Walk around a little, do one dance and it is done. (this is the same Six that came from Brookstone with a bad camera and no fuse, and a poorly calibrated servo. If it wasn't packed so well, I would think it had been a reshipped return).



Oh bummer that brookstone would have sold a refurb as a brand new item. grrrr

I'm sure we'll get him up and running. I have a feeling that it is software related anyhow. I understand that it is hard to keep up to date with all of the versions. However, if there is an issue severe enough to post about, it's probably best to do an update first - although we rarely think of it Grin I can't tell you how many computers we have at the office with outdated EZ-Builder versions for that exact reason!

I'd also like to see the project - because that helps us identify software updates as well, if that's what is causing the disconnect.

I still need to know if it is a disconnect, restart, or no sound.




@proeusy - please do not hijack this unrelated thread. Sounds like your router is unstable. Create a new thread for your issue.