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4 In One Orientation Sensor

Assistance Requested

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I have purchased a 4 in One Orientation Sensor. My desire is to use the compass function.

Once loaded and running, I view the compass heading values in the Variable watch window.. The value fail to read correctly. I find when I set the device in 90 degree directions ( 0 - 90 - 180 - 270 - back to zero ) I get value that do not even come close to the set position., nor do they repeat. I have changed my location, and even tried it in a wooden shed without any potential magnetic interferences, and still it did not work.

Has anyone use this sensor and has been able to get it to display correctly?

My reason for buying this was for the compass only and I am disappointed to see it not work.

Ron R

I have found a few conversations, tutorials and activities that may help with your question. Take a look at these links. I've sorted them by what I believe to be most relevant but that is not always the case as I'm still learning.

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Thanks for posting. I know Jeremie is working on this, but the topic is buried in another only slightly related thread (my fault actually) and needs to be brought to the forefront. I too am disappointed that I bought a 4in1 sensor that only works as a 3in1, and does not appear to have been fully tested prior to release.



Hi Alan,

Yeah I figured I would put it out there. I really wanted it to work. Lets hope we hear good news. I didn't really care about the other features, like I am sure many others.

Ron R


So I guess I may be lucky since my order for four of the 4 in 1 sensors from AiLRobotics resulted in a backorder condition due to no present stock available from EZ-Robot.

Hopefully the sensors will be better designed/engineered and all 4 functions work for the robot design I have in mind using the EZB-(V4) controller and Lidar with the Teensy controller.


It's not the twenty bucks. I was going to blow that much money on playing Dave Schulpius' pinball machines anyway. I just want a working compass, preferably the one I have.

Ron R


I have the sensor on order myself for my JD Humanoid Robot. Is there a compass calibration process for this device? If there is not, that could be the problem.


@dalmonte1 No.... we are waiting to hear back from EZ Robot on the issue...

FYI the sensor you get may be updated anyway especially if you bought it from ez robot's store.... The affected sensors are probably from the initial batch of production?...


On the Conchran thread: "I've Started To Work On Mapping Using The Vx-11 Lidar", reply #9, ( I mentioned some things that should be considered when using hall magnetometers.


Hi @OldBotBuilder,

I read what you said in the thread, but even so, there should be some functionality. I expected this device to give at least basic values ( 0 - 90 - 180 - 270 - back to zero ) +- 10 degrees, and somewhat repeatable.

Ron R


Has anyone been able to get this to work to at least show 4 quadrants? I want to verify home direction and 90 degree turns. I will then "know", forward, right, left, and return.

Is there a way to calibrate it?

Ron R