Question Using Tablet Camera Using Ez Builder


I having a problem using the camera on my Windows 8.1 tablet. I get this error:
Object recognition initialized
Error initializing Camera: System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComException (0x80004004):Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from call to a COM component.

I get the same error using either the front or rear facing camera...I have the latest EZ-Builder version 2016.01.06.00


Is your tablet an Acer w3? The cameras have a non standard resolution and don't work in EZ-Builder.



It is a PIPO tablet quad core tablet. Camera model# s are HM2056 and GC310. I thought EZ builder work with any camera device that Windows recognizes.


Both cameras work fine with the Windows camera app.


Yeah, the Acer cameras work in windows and other apps, just not EZ-Builder too.

I just realized I haven't tried since upgrading the tablet to Windiws 10. I need to take care of a honeydo list item, but will test that in a little while.


Yup, still happening in Windows 10 (darn...)


I am building a robot with intergrated Windows tablet. I have access to another EZ v4, but I was hoping to use tablet cameras with EZ builder.


What if you try selecting a different resolution


I get the same error at any resolution.


Same with the ACER tablet cameras.