I'm New And Need Help


Hello,tell me is it possible to make a smart home from ez robot and how to write a command to the IR sensor


Some people have used EZ-Robot to make smart non-robot devices (@jstarne made an automated fish tank feeder for instance) but it is not really what it is designed for. There are other devices that would make smart home control much easier (if more expensive).

Do do IR, you would need to find an IR device that accepts serial commands and use one of hte EZ-B's UART ports (or any digital port if you are just sending and not receiving IR). I haven't seen any that were serial instead of USB in many years.



Here is a way to use a Raspberry Pi as an IR remote: http://www.stavros.io/posts/how-turn-your-raspberry-pi-infrared-remote-control/

Less expensive than an EZ-B, and because it runs a version of Linux, there are other home control software packages that you could take advantage of as well.



If you want to have fridge and cupboard doors open automatically, ez-robot can do that.
Turn on lights and other items with relays, that too.
If you use it for video cameras in each corner of your house, you would need to get IP cameras and connect to them through the camera control.
Control the temperature in your house? You would need the NEST thermostat and connect to it over wifi.

If you look at EZ-Builder, there are many third party products supported. As for the uses for the Ez-b, think of it as the work horse to do the physical labor a computer can't.

As for IR, Alan got it.