New V4 Camera Fuzzy Image Compared To The Old V4 Camera?


I just received 4 of the new V4 one piece cameras... To be honest the image is way fuzzy and dark compared to the old camera... I have adjusted the focus on all 4 of them but the image is no where near the quality of the old V4 camera.... Did I just get the prototype batch or is there something I am missing?

I can't really complain much as I did get them on store credit... But right now I prefer the old V4 camera to the new one piece one...


The new image is optimized for tracking with less severe auto light adjustment. The previous camera had large increments in light enhancement which made object tracking and learning challenging. The new camera is designed for image color/saturation/brightness consistency.

Either your environment is too dark, or the lense has the plastic cover sticker still on it?

We find the image to be clearer with the new camera. Yiu must have the protective sticker on the lense.


LOL. I was just going to ask about the protective sticker, and was searching for the thread I had seen to reference when this came up in the search from DJ posting.



@DJ Give me some credit... Smile LOL... Of course I removed the plastic sticker(s) and I compared them in the same lighting environment.... Thanks for the explanation. It does track perfectly well, but the image is not nearly as crisp as the gen 1 V4 camera's that I have... I am not overly concerned, I was just wondering....


you will also find less pixelated image with the new camera. The new camera is configured to smooth the image, which means less artifacts and may be what you're interpreting as blurry. I think the "sharpness" of the old camera was misinterpreted by your eyes as being "Crisp" when it was actually pixelated. The pixels of the old camera were large and chunky, due to compression algorithm that wasn't good for motion. The new camera accepts motion much much better with less artifacts.

Also, you would notice a blank white bar appear on the bottom of the old camera, which would also cause a flicker. The new camera motion is smoother with no flicker. The blank bar has been removed as well.

The reason for the blank bar on the old camera was due to light over saturating the sensor because it would auto adjust. The new camera has smarter auto adjustments.

Also, you will notice the new camera frame file size will change - increasing and decreasing with use, which also will result in a crisper image over time because the new camera "learns" the environment. This is because there is a new camera algorithm which will adjust compression to maintain framerate.

And finally, the viewing angle is much greater with the new camera. There's a much wider lens, which provides nearly 30% more viewing area! That's significant.

Generally, you will find the new camera is a much better camera for robot application. This new camera is not a "new camera", per say. It's a new replacement for the previous camera. We still have a higher resolution, wifi enabled, etc, etc, camera coming out 2016 with all of the other items that have been on the pre-order plus more.

Now that we have an experienced SCM (supply chain manager) at ez-robot, product development and manufacturing process has smoothed out and you will start seeing new product often in 2016.


is the new cam in store,does it looks like the older one


You bet nomad, the new camera looks like the old one but the electronics are different. It is a much sexier camera PCB! It has a heat sink also Grin It's an awesome circuit.


so is camera also in the head off jd with you can by in store here




@Nomad.... the new (version 2) ezb4 camera is in everything now.... The old (Version 1) ezb4 camera has been discontinued...

@DJ Thanks again for the explanation....