I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this, I am having a really hard time with finding a correct gear for the dome to rotate for the Jakks R2-D2. Please help!


@hockeynorton When I tried something similar to this, I attached a rather large wheel onto the end of a servo, and fit it snug in the base. I am not familiar with the Jakks R2-D2 but it should work. Just hook up the servo like any other and program it to your liking. Smile


Hello @Hockeynorton,

I will try to look up the gear file. I may still have it.

I really think you may want to go to a servo as I showed in this thread. I tried the gear and the motion was very slow. The servo gives a nice realistic movement. If you wanted a 360 degree movement you could modify the servo and add an external pot for positioning.

Give me a little time to find that file. I hope I still have it.



You got lucky ! I found it on the first try..




Awesome! Now I never dealt with 3D Printers before, I'm new to this world and just started programming in my free time a few months ago. I'll check out the STL file when I get home from work. I'm very open to learning and figuring things out on my own, but this gear has me going nuts. I just want to be able to actuate some rotation and motion. As of right now my R2 has a lit power button on rear, the arduino uno, a sound module, and Leds. My goal was to start simple. The program is a simple loop where every 30 seconds a different sound plays and a few LEDs light up. I'm very pleased with it as is, but I just want more and more.


Sounds like you are having a good time. I think you are hooked on this stuff.

The .stl file is the file a 3D printer uses to make the part. There are some libraries and other places which have them available, and allow you to print stuff on them, for a fee, or you can have it made by someone who has a printer.

Seeing you are using an arduino, I suggest you get a servo and try your hand at making it work. I also posted the .stl file for the Dome arm here. You could use the arm to move the dome easier than trying to use the gear. Just a suggestion.
Servos are cheap on ebay, but you can get them here, at a Hobby Shop or Radio Shack.

Someday look at the stuff in the EZ Builder. You will find programming with an EZB gives you all kinds of thing to play with, camera, all kinds of sensors, servos, tracking, motion, speech recognition.

Your R2 could do a lot ! The neat thing it this stuff is easy to program.

The main thing is to have fun and enjoy.



Any video of R2 yet?


Hi @mcdaver, I am working on a large project and haven't had much time for my poor R2. I will try to get him out and see what I can do for a video soon. He is a fun guy as is, but I never finished installing the pings and a few other additions. I made the case for the leg ping but never installed it. Once they are added, I plan on a simple roam ability so he can run around the family room and visit thing on his own.




I have the same R2 being shipped to my home soon and already have a C3PO the same scale. He is about 31 inches. Just a little taller than my robot Dave.
I will be making both into EZB robots.
Your work will make my work easier. Smile


Hi @mcdaver,

Have fun ! I haven't done much lately with my R2. I still have the .stl files if you need them. My goal is to someday improve on the navigation so he can be free to roam the house. I will add postings as improvements are made.