The 1/2 Scale Ez-robot Controlled Bb-8


Hey guys wanted to share my latest build. It's a scaled down version of the BB-8 Builders Club 1:1 scale droid. I am doing that one as well but paused it till after the movie to make sure I build movie accurate. This little guy has 2 purposes. First is to test my internal drive system on a smaller more controllable build(and less cost). Second my son wants one so what's a dad to do. I finished with the print portion of the project. Im now assembling it using ABS glue(ABS melted in acetone) since it fills and bonds. Then im going to prime it and finally paint and weather it. Im leaving one of the 6 discs off so i have an access point to do maintenance and charging. I am not sure yet how it will attach( magnet or small inset screws) More to come.
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Very nice..will keep up with your progress.. exceptional printing I am so jealous I can't print that clean ...yet


@Chiefavc Take your time, you will be printing like this in no time.


I have a simple print going right now, it is working much better with pla over the abs..still learning


Nice! That's the same idea i was going with - of 3d printing everything entirely. But, work Smile


Heres more progress. Im also uploading a video with more details and the movement of his head(manual for now) to test my magnet rig.
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Ok heres the video with more details.


Ok the premiere of The Force Awakens is only 10 days to go so I am finishing up my 1/2 scale BB-8 for my son to bring along with him to the premiere.

The Drive system is just about finished.

this was the first test to see if the drive had enough traction and it did. As you can see at the end of the video the ball wanted to go. I just ran a loop script just to test it since the ball was not closed and the drive was tethered.

Next we test the had drive which also proved to work the way i planned. I used left over XLR-ONE Mini parts to test my idea and im in the middle of printing the final drive system.

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The paint is 70% complete. I will have the paint completed tomorrow and the rest of the week will be fitting the drive system in and testing him out.


In my test with the 3D printed ball, I found that slowing the wheel speed to a slow crawl helped move the ball easiest. I added some weights to the tractor and sinply slowed the servos to a crawl.

Sure he moves so, but it worked. I think that will simply be a physics problem inherit to the bb8 design to get him moving quickly like the movie/cartoon.