Hey guys anyone see this puppy ?


its a big R2 that does not cost much and I think would be fun to hack and add some EZ action Smile


He's a big boy alright, and it is a good price indeed. As you say, perfect for an EZ hack. Shame I don't have a Walmart near me, but I've got enough going on with my Astromech build anyway. I'm sure someone here will grab one and have a play. Winky


It's already been done a few times... I hacked the Interactive astromech R2-D2 two years ago with an ezb3... The Interactive is 18 inches tall.... Is the one you posted different somehow?


yea this one is like 50 bucks, and easy to get. The old Hasbro one, which i have as well is a pain to find now and pricey. Also the interactive one is not as big as this guy


Ah, gotcha.... Thanks Smile


Good find @Jayutmb, does it come with motors and sensors?

Ironically enough I am hacking an interactive R2D2 at the moment, I bought mine second hand for $50 Smile

@Richard R did you end up re-using the sensors in R2's head when you did your build?


Hey @Jeremie I Just kept the speaker and motors.... I gutted everything replacing them with off the shelf components like leds, pings and PIRs etc... Later I eventually took the dome rotating dc motor out (because of a lack of position control) and replaced it with a servo.... I also used a sabertooth 2x5 as the motor controller...


Yeah that dome rotating motor is super fast lol. I will likely try using the onboard encoder to get positional feedback and apply lots of PWM to slow it down.

I was thinking about reusing the onboard Ultrasonic and PIR but I'm not having much luck with the sensor board. I'll likely try a bit more and if I don't have success then I may hack in the electronics from an ezrobot Ultrasonic senor. I'm not sure what I'll do with the PIR since I've never directly interfaced to a raw PIR sensor before. I know a lot of them have voltage boost and amplification built in and I don't want to have to recreate that.


@Jeremie ... I am super jealous of you electronic skills... I keep saying I really should take some community college courses and learn more stuff like this.... I think it will be my new years resolution now... So C# and some intermediate electronics's courses are on the list.... Smile


I'm also wanting to place a projector and smoke machine in R2 so he can project the "Obi Wan you're our only hope!" Hologram.

I was thinking I'd use a laser pico projector (due to the short focus capabilities) and multiple vaporizing modules to produce smoke to project onto.

Anyone have an good sources on those?

I've been scouring the net for a low cost (small form factor) vaporizer that could easily be triggered. Vintage robots STROBOT and Magic Mike have this feature but I'd like a whole lot more smoke. Smile

I've been looking at Ultrasonic misters but I don't think those will work. I need something like a unit that burns mineral oil. Or maybe a miniature fog machine, but I'm guess that type of condensing system is much too large for a small robot.

Anyone have any ideas?