I Wan Using Ez-board For My Robot Fish But I Dont Know Using What For Connectivi


Wait a second! Eric this is your fish design? I thought it was just an example you found...I should have known from your previous designs how wrong I was.

Man, that's amazing! Great work!

I could potentially make a custom WiFi board for you Eric that has an external WiFi antenna connector so that you could allow you to have a bob style antenna that floats at the surface. Would this interest you?


@Jeremie Smile

Yes it my roboFish. it is good news for me @Jeremie thankyou, and greatfull I have won a grand Prize (the 30Watt epilog laser cutter) in Intructables.com . but the Prize it too much for me.. I don't know I can paying the costum taxs. Frown
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I sent you an email at your @thetechguru.net address.....



Okay @Alan Thankyou Smile


@EricEZ How much is the customs tax?


Costum tax in Indonesia total 27.5% max 30% Of value ($12025) is expensive taxs


@EricEZ... I know it is easier said than done but you should consider starting your own business... Find a way to get money for a 3d printer and design software.... You could custom make robots for people... People would buy your robots/designs dude... Smile


@Richard R
Yes i have starter for making robot for sale not only my design for real, i make a simple robot with frame using acrilyc for last 8 week ago, And I have to take a trip for 1 hour to get to the cutting laser shop for cutting acrilyc frame. And now i get a laser cutter. This my website www.diyroboticresearch.com but not get a many costumer yet. Thankyou


Congrats on winning the instructables contest Eric, that's awesome! I hope you can figure out a way to get the laser to you. It will be a very valuable tool to help you with your robot building.


Thankyou so much @Jerimie