Controlling More Than 1 Ezb On Ap Mode?


Is there a way to control more than one EZB in AP mode, id think no unless two nic cards on a computer?!? I'm thinking for a tablet PC or mobile though. Thanks in advance.


You can have one setup to connect to the other one in client mode, and then connect to the first one.


Connect to the first one with the pc or tablet that is.


OK Dave thanks I think I just found an old thread. I did a lazy quick search and now found it. Thank you!


EZ-B 1 - set to ap mode
EZ-B 2 - set to client mode giving it the ssid that is being broadcast from EZ-B 1.

Tablet or laptop, connect to the ssid being broadcast from EZ-B 1.

Maybe this will be clear. I don't think my previous posts were too clear.