A New Hand For Inmoov?


Hello Bob,

no problem with photos! I know the fingers i can download from : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:380665

my question to this: do you also print this with FilaFlex?

The Servo Bed, the Covers and the Wrist Holder.... there is the question( if you are finish and lucky with your design) if you share this stl files to us?

Best wishes

from Boris


I finally got InMoov's new hand installed.




@Bob.... Ok, that hand works way better than the original inmoov hand... Is that the flexihand? Anyway, really awesome work as usual... Smile

Did you have to make any design changes to the original stls in order to get the servos to fit into the hand and also the extra wrist joint?


@Bob... Do you think that hand is strong enough to grip and pick up a bottle of water? Really, that hand has so much more dexterity than the original inMoov hand...


Houston the eagle has landed!

Thats it! You got it!

With this Hand your Mission to the next level has success!

I love it!

Like Richard asked: I understand the stl files for the fingers come from thingiverse. But from where we will get the stls for the Hand middle and the cool Wrist.

This was also my old question. Do you will upload you new design STL Files for the Hand? Like you did with the Upgrade Neck Version!

I must make this Hand for my Inmoov!


PS: You are a Genius!


You do some nice work!


Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate them. Here's a short video on how I put the servos in the hand. Nothing too hi-tech a dremel tool, hot glue gun, heat gun and some screws. I'll see how it stands up, I may have design something better to connect the hand to the wrist. Yes, it handles a bottle of water no problem. I'm going to put some Sugru on the fingers to improve the grip on smooth objects.


Hello Bob,

nice video!

Slowly i check out what you did!

Ok, a dremel i have!

I think the middle of the Hand i must print with PLA and the Fingers with FilaFlex?

Or only the FFX parts with FilaFlex?

Can you tell us which parts you use?

I think its:



2x FFX_-_Finger_Hinge_Plate.stl

But i did find the Covers for Hand inside and outside (Left and right)

And can you tell me where i can download this EZ-Holder?



Hi Boris, I printed Hand Body and fingers in PLA and the hinges with flexible filament.
The EZ Robot servo holder is found in Community/3D Printing, here's a link,
The palm cover is here - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:380665/#files
I filled it in then printed it. I had to increase the size so you have to play with it a bit.