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Ez-b V4 Disconnects Whenever I Try To Move The Servos

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i am working on making a custom six robot that I am modeling after the Ez Robot six robot, I am running 12 servos of of 5 rechargeable 1.2 volt AA's, I have already set the battery monitor to 5.2. The servos I am using are 3 EZROBOT HD servos, 3 Tower pro MG995 hi-speed servos, and 6 GWServo so3 STD servos. what happens is I connect to the ez-b through the wifi on my desktop, I connect the ez-b to ez builder (I'm using the premade SIX script), Then I try ro do something with the auto position and it freezes for a second then disconnects from EZ-Builder.
(this dosnt happen when I disconnect 3 or more of the EZ Robot or Tower pro servos)
please help

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It's because there is insufficient power going to your servos...Use a Lipo battery or at least a Sub C nimh battery pack.... "AA" batteries can't supply enough current (amps.....)


I was going to try to hook up the servos to their own battery pack and then run the ezb off of a separate pack


That will work.... but as mentioned you need to use batteries that can supply a lot of current.... Lipos, LifePO4, subc NiMh or SLA (lead acid batteries)


ok, Thank you