Do They Need Supports


Im definatley a noob to 3d printing, but i got my first 3d printer yesterday and was going to print some of the ez bits. My question is, for the servo arm should i use supports?

I know it may be a daft question to some, but i dont have enough material to risk doing it wrong


Try printing it.... If it doesn't turn out right change your settings. ... each printer is different so it's just trial and error until you get your settings dialed in correctly. ....


i was afraid of that. thank you


A lot of this depends on the printer and the features that the printer has, and how tuned in you have your printer. You will find that as you print you will make adjustments to the printer and the software used to slice the object for the printer that will affect what you will be able to print with or without supports.

Because of all of this, it is a trial and error thing. Even if someone else has your exact setup, you will find that your settings will probably be slightly different. I would plan on printing for a bit before you get you setting down right. There is a lot of learning that goes into using a 3d printer, but some printers are better than others at being more of an unboxing it and print type of printer.


yeah ive noticed theres an aweful lot of stuff to think about. i got a da vinci jr and some things i dont get yet


Richard and Dave have given you good advice. It may be best to print a test piece. There are many how to videos on You Tube. Try to find some on your printer. Watch a few and see how files are converted to .STL and loaded for printing. Check how settings are made (also depends on materials used, PLA, ABS etc.) and loaded. Trial and error is the way to learn. If you want to use the lever, go for it. Lay it flat and see what happens.

I am sure many others will help you, but you need to try a part. You will need to buy more filament so consider it soon.

Ron R


thank you all for the help. i think maybe nerves about something new just got the best of me. thanks again


has anyone ever had to rescale their stl file for the lever?


Make sure your using metric for your slicer. Almost everything is in metric for 3d printers and for stl files.


Jay go here I had about 90% of my questions answered at this Forum. Also I recommend going here to get going on your DaVinci Jr.

I have a DaVinci 1.0a and it works great!