Ezb5 Coming?


***EDIT*** False alarm or?...as you were... Smile
***EDIT AGAIN*** I was right a V5 is in development....Smile

@DJ, you forgot to mention this little addition in the release notes of the OCT 31st ez builder update.... Maybe it's nothing but if you click on the "?" it gives a bit more info alluding to an ezb5 something.... "*Note This is experimental and used for the EZB v5 beta"... You sly dog, did you really think we wouldn't notice?... Tongue
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In several threads yesterday about Wifi issues he mentioned that EZ-B needs to change WiFi chip provider because the current chip is discontinued. in the
Open IoT Wifi thread he mentioned the ability to modify the WiFi so it "calls home", ie, the EZ-B connects to EZ-Builder rather than the other way around, so you don't need to know the IP address. I suspect this new check box is related to that feature.



I did read those threads, but this made me think otherwise "*Note This is experimental and used for the EZB v5 beta"... Maybe it was just the wording but it seemed like it was referring to a Version 5 of the ezb. However, like you said it could just be related to the announcement that @DJ made about the open source IoT wifi....


I think it is about the replacement WiFi chip. That will require an EZ-B version revision, either 4.x or 5.



I hope this replacement WiFi chip can just be placed in our current V4 EZB. I sure don't want to buy 3 more new EZB's to replace the ones in my robot to avoid this issue. Frown


You're all correct. The v5 is in development. The communication pcb of the v4 can be swapped out for it. It has features such as I/o triggers, calling home, programmable and more. It is a different chipset than what's currently used in the open IoT wifi.

As for the open IoT wifi - you can configure it to call home. One of my favorite features of the IoT wifi is being able to connect other ezb's and your PC to a single ezb as an access point.


Sure.... wait until I am neck deep in learning ROS and then lay this on us... LOL This is really awesome. Just when we though you were laying around at the cottage all summer doing nothing but jet skiing we find out you were actually secretly working on this instead.... Tongue Go figure.... Smile


How about a V5 with mutiple connection options beside wifi, like good old fashion
serial RS232/TTL , and/or USB direct connections to a computer. This would be alot easier for those of us that might want the computer on the robot next the EZB unit.
The WIfi option could still be used for updates and such.


RoboHappy, if you have seen the size of the EZ-B v4 and the traces - there is no room for additional connectivity. However, we have discussed a replacement communication board with USB. You will never be able to use RS232 or TTL because the bandwidth is too high. USB is the only alternate connection type.


@DJ. I would second the vote for USB connection. Would be great for those with embedded computers. However, I suspect market would be pretty small.