Ez-robot Open Iot Wifi


First, I'd like to congratulate the community for the wonderful support over the last 4 years. For those who don't know. Ezrobot Inc is 4 years old starting in November! I'm extremely proud of the community who supported my dream of connected robots, even before IoT was a thing. To complement the huge thank you to the community, we have open sourced the communication wifi module! This is an important gift to the community by giving customizable control over the firmware of you ezb v4.

The new software project includes a downloadable package containing source code, compiler and documentation. All available on the new software page here: http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/Open-IoT-Wifi

From me personally, thank you and enjoy your gift! Smile we have a broad future of connected devices to create. Now get to it, gang!

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Advantages of the Open IoT Wifi:
* Edit, compile and upload custom firmware to the EZ-B v4.
* Change TCP ports for commands and video stream.
* Custom webserver branding and logo.
* Add custom JSON IoT listeners.
* Chainable by using one EZ-B as Access Point for other EZ-B's and PC to connect to.
* Upgrade to the latest EZ-Robot Wifi features.
* Call-back for the EZ-B to call home no matter what network connection.
* Change default TCP/IP Address for AP mode.


Perhaps I should try this when I get home tonight. Have a pickit at home so guess I should jump on it lol.


I guess I need to look for the Pickit I lost some 3 or 4 years ago and thought I'd never need again...

Thank you for this! Smile


Hey DJ,

Thnxs a lot ! This is really a nice gesture !
Btw, I joined the community in the EZ-Robot early days and I'm still
enjoying it everyday. I think that we can make a statement and say that
EZ-Robot was/is a milestone in robot development for many of us.
I hope there are many more years to come !



Happy Birthday ! and congratulations Smile


Happy Birthday!


@Ahlonnae you can't make "Alan"... it is not 3d printable. ... Inmoov is however ready when you are... Curious why did you post this in this thread? Your post doesn't seem to have anything with the theme of the thread......?


This is fantastic, more connectivity is a great feature! I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with.



Where have you been my friend? Haven't seen you post in a while.



Back to this old thread, but on topic.....

Will the v4.x/2 also support this? (obviously selecting a different chip in the PIC tool). I am beginning to think about doing more than changing default SSIDs and IP addresses, which is what I have done so far, but want to know if I will be able to duplicate the work if I upgrade my EZ-Bs.