So Weird : Ezb V4 Ultra Slow / Even On Ap Mode / And Some Really Weird Stuff : I


Tried using interface says unable I guess this early version. I am really have a lag between pc and V4. Run same program on V3 works great. same equipment. Could the problem be the Hbridge?


1) The problem is generally 99% user code - meaning, what are you doing with it? Share the project for someone to take a look at

2) Also, how are connecting to the wifi? Is it direct adhoc or client mode through router

3) lastly, you can check what version of wifi you have. There's a The Robot Program episode that shows or you can READ the ez-b v4 upgrade page here:


My code is up on your site called Vetrobot. Tries connecting both modes. Using Win 10 on 2 different machines. latest version of your software. Lag time is between 2- 10 seconds. My laptop which runs nothing else and was ok with V3. I do not believe it is the code. Tried with and without script also. Tried with and without joystick either.