Xlrobots 1:1 Scale Bb-8 Build


Looks sweet! When I make one I'll have to do it the old fashioned way, a ball and paper mache.


Hi Anthony,

It is looking real nice. I look forward to future updates.

Ron R


Thanks guys.


Will you be putting up a link here, once you proof out the frame and panel files?



@ANDY ROID The files are up on my XLRobots group on facebook.

XLRobots Facebook Group


I was wondering..Will the 360 servo that came with the kit..would it be strong enough to move the dome?


@video567 The servo from the kit isnt strong enough, you will need a AR-3603HB High Speed Robot RC Robot Servo by Power HD.


Will/do you have a detailed parts list yet?

Any estimate of the printed pets cost?

This could be my next project.


I've googled AR-3603HB High Speed Robot RC Robot Servo by Power HD can't seem to find that..even looked in servo city. Do you have a link where you got it at? Thank you


@video567 I havent bought any in a while since i have some in my inventory. It looks like they improved the model. Here is the link.