First Real Video Of "hansi" - Inmoov With Working Head And Torso


Thanks Boris, I'll have a look at the Federnshop website.



Hello Boris,

Simply a great inmoov project, particularly the facial area. So I need to ask what 3d printer do you use?

Thank you,

Keep up the good work!



Hello Walt,

i use the Ultimaker 2, but the finish Product not comes directly out of the printer. A lot of handwork is needed to get such kind of print results.

I made a Tutorial where you can see, what work is it.!searchin/inmoov/pla/inmoov/a6z8a43DRmA/09L5B8eDtvoJ



awesome robot! its really impressive how you did the mouthwork. keep building!??


Hello dederdegamertag!

Thanx for the compliment!

Yes i am still at work!

For the mouthwork, i try in the moment a new idea, to source out the Talking Servo App to a Board Soulution.

The idea to send the Audio Signal to the

and the Spectrum Shield send a signal to arduino who send a signal to a servo.

So then if everything work, the mouth move to every sound what come out of my loudspeaker.

Until today the talking servo make some problem. For example on a saying date, the talking servo stop to fast. The date is still saying, but the mouth is not moving anymore. And some other timing problem.

I will see if my idea will work.

If i have news i make a video update.


That's great! Very impressive the way you improvised and got all the controllers working together, I'm tempted to start an ez robot/inmoov project...but I think I should stick with stock EZ parts for now, too many hobbies! On a side note I lived in West Berlin for a year in 1980-1981..had a great time their as kid. My dad is originally from Berlin...nice city.


Hello Surfcrs!

Thanx for your compliment! Yes you are right to collect a lot of ez controllers, usb cams, electronic stuff and a really lot of servos ;-)

I had a big break of more than half a year with building my inmoov. I installed last week the Omron face camera

and it works quit good ( Thanx to CochranRobotics!)

If i have some good stuff for a video i will post it!

Yeahhh West-Berlin ;- )

I am born in Schöneberg! I know this West-Berlin times also really good, but also on the other hand i had also holydays in the DDR as a little child. The told all people in this little village that i come from East-Berlin (not West-Berlin) and they told me not carry my Mickey Mouse Comic outsite, because then i will have problems!

Yeahh great old times. Where do you live in Berlin in this times?

Greatinxx from


now from Moabit - Berlin


I believe the area was considered Tempelhof. My dad taught at the Free University and I went to the John F Kennedy International School. We did take several trips to DDR and one to Poland to see Poznan (Posen) which my Dad's family was from Pre World War 1 before moving to Dad wanted to see it again as he used to visit there with family in 1930's. I grew up and still remain in California but that Berlin experience still remains an exciting and unique childhood memory. I did visit for about 1 week in 1993 and remember seeing Cranes everywhere from all the building post wall.