First Real Video Of "hansi" - Inmoov With Working Head And Torso


Here is the first interesting video of my Hansi.

With working Head and Torso ( and of course with Neo Pixel Rings)


Nice work, Boris! Your InMoov is very unique and the movements are well done. Glad it is all coming together for you.


Thanx Bob,

was a hard work until now.

I like hardware work, but i like also software work ;-)

Slowly slowly comes together




Great work Boris and man is that a clean workshop! I love a clean workshop but mine is never like yours!


Very nice job Boris. Very clean build, and how you have it set up with the smooth movements really makes it look great. I like what you have done with the lighting too. Very cool. *cool*


Wow! Awesome Boris... You put a lot of work into yours..... The jaw is in perfect sync with speech and Bob's adapted neck servo system gives the head an amazing degree of fluid movement...


Boris... I also really like that spring on your inMoov's neck servo... My inmoov's up and down neck movement is very sloppy (loose) and the neck servo buzzes quite a bit... Does/Will that spring help with that? I am also going to add Bob's extra neck servos as well...


Really Cool Boris, that is the best movement and voice control that I have seen with the inMoov.


@fxrtst: thanx for you compliments, but good that you don´t see my workingplace-table, he is always really messy ;-)

And i like you ALAN too! I am also waiting for your Kickstarter Campain, to support ALAN ;-)

@Steve G: thanx also you for helping and support!

@Richard R: I must tell you a secrect. i not use the Bob Neck Upgrade. i was using it before and i had so much trobble because my Inmoov Head is so heavy. Thats why i change the neck back to the old ones. ( The Pistons are deco, because they look so good)

I make a video where i more expain the problems.

But to your question: The Spring works really good. This idea i had with the Bob neck version.

In 1 hour i will have this video, i will tell the secrects.

@Robot Doc: Thanx also to you. Cool that you like the movements. Makes me really happy, thats you find thats the movements and speech are good.

Still i am not really happy with the mouth opening, he can do this better.

And for the Torso, i must say, i slow down the servos. Normaly he can move his torso faster, but this looks then dangerous. Also the Head he can move much faster, but faster=dangerous. ;-)

But in the end, i am also satisfied with the result.

Now the arms begins!


Here are some Pics from the last Maker-Faire in Berlin:

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User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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