Imperial AT-AT Walker Robot - The force is with me!



yes really nice work! And i must say he is a really good "dog" ;-)



Nice! but just seems so wrong turning a troop carrier into a dog, heheh


George Lucas shouldn't have made it look like a dog! An attack dog, with laser blasters!


LOL! Classic! Bodily functions are always good for a laugh. Love it!


What, @RoboHappy, you haven't seen this video?!? ;D lol

Someone did it digitally already, why not real life, right?!?

By the way Awesome job @DJ Smile


Hahaha! That was great! Thanks, I needed a good smile today.


At work so I haven't had time to watch the videos yet. Are you using the orientation sensor to have it take corrective action of it starts to fall over?



That's a new one for me Jeremie... Very funny. Thanks for posting that, it did make me laugh.

DJ, you nailed the walking really well. Love his dance moves too. You have given your AT-AT such character now you'll have to give it a name. Winky


HAHAHAH, Loved it!


Glad you went back to playing with technologies to expand it. I found your robot controller last winter and I love it, i program just simple ladder logic and love the way you can expand on the EZ. i just hope you expand it more and teach us old dogs a bit more. As to the rest of community ... Thumbs up to the max this is the best forum I have ever been a part of, the learning curve and challenge makes this a very good hobby!

What about the robo 3d printer my wife will get me for x-mas :;

again DJ keep with your love and show us more!