Imperial AT-AT Walker Robot - The force is with me!


This year i made a decision to get back into building robots. So, I'll start with this! Kind of ironic, an Imperial AT-AT Walker that doesn't know how to walk... yet!

Tomorrow I will add servos for the knees and teach him to walk. I'm allergic to dogs, so he'll have to do!


Did you buy this as a kit or did you 3d print it? I have always liked quadrupeds better than hexapods, but walking is a challenge..... At least he won't pee on stuff a rip your house apart when you're not at home... Tongue

I am really happy you are building again.... Isn't that what drove you to start ez robot in the first place?... Don't lose your passion, man.... and as much as it pains me to say... EZ Robot just isn't worth it... Yes, all of us here want the latest and greatest stuff from ez robot (myself included), but I personally miss your early videos you made before ez robot was an official company. They were passion driven, not corporate driven... I still load and watch them from time to time... We got to share in your passion for building and programming.... It was those early videos that really got me interested again in building robots....

...anyway you might still want to consider a baby gate or crating little At-At when you're not home just to be sure.... Tongue


It looks like the At-At Toy.


Man once you get that thing up and walking you're gonna get mad press on the net. Hack a day probably gonna pick it up. Lots have done the R2 build but I haven't seen any AT-ATs.


Yea, I think its a toy. Sort of like R2D2.


I gotta echo Richard, I'm glad you're back to building. You were such a inspiration in my decision to turn my B9 into a "real" robot rather than a puppet. When I saw your early video of WALL-E I knew I could build my childhood dream of having a full sized B9 robot and make him seem like the real thing. The first few times I watched the vid I had no idea what EZ Robot was or that it was even available to us want-to-be robot makers. I just thought it was something you had soldered together, through in a few chips and programed to do this stuff and maybe even using something like an arduino. I was so overwhelmed just trying to understand how to build this thing and was watching and reading everything I could that everything was running together in my mind. Then I found a post somewhere about EZ Robot and looked up your web site. That's the day automating my B9 to a level I had never dreamed of for a guy of my limited robotic talents became possible and simple. That was back in the early V3 days. Then I realized (after I bought my first V3 EZB) that that guy doing the WALL-E video was you, DJ!

I hope you have the time to document this build and the programing with videos. I'd love to see how you have modified the toy, installed the servos and run the cables. That part is really at the heart of letting EZ Robot show off it's potential (in my opinion). However I'm a builder at heart, mind and body and lots of concepts of EZ Builder still are a mystery to me (even after all these years). I've been spending most of my time building the B9 and his arms and making them move with simple EZ Scripts through EZ Builder.

I'm looking forward to looking over your project to see how you've programed and coded this At-At. It's one of the coolest things the Star Wars people ever came up with. I love the personality you have already coded into this At-At of yours. And it moves so smooth! This is going to be a huge help to me in programing my B9 arm that I've been building. The building part is now done and after a few tweaks I'll be looking over yours and others codes to try to make it look somewhat human when it moves. Winky You're still an inspiration to me!


Thanks everyone! I have indeed been documenting the build. It took about 3 hours to build it with stopping to video record everything. Should hire someone to follow me around so i can work quicker Grin.

The last two years were super awesome but distracting from my hobby's. You know, the things that make you, you? I am guilty of dismissing them and it's been long overdue! Expect more details about this project soon and many new projects to come!


@DJ... to be honest, I am more excited about this side of you.... The new stuff you (ez robot) create is awesome, but it's what the public wants and it's a logical business decision... However, when you are having fun creating (working on your own projects), that's when (in my opinion) you create the best ez robot stuff...

Go for it.... If you can make your at at walk I will be seriously impressed.... Smile



Should hire someone to follow me around so i can work quicker Grin.

No, you should build a robot to do that. Maybe even use a drone to follow you around and go to various positions via voice commands. Direct it on the fly as you do the mods. "Go to front" "Lower" Higher" Back off" "Come closer". That would make your videos 20% cooler Smile . CamBot would be a neat project in itself. If not a drone, maybe a robot arm mounted cam (or 2). A drone, however, could follow you from one place to another. But then so could something on wheels with a long pole and an arm mounted on top.


I've added knees. The ankles are loose, so i'm looking at a few options. Once i tighten the ankles, he'll be walking soon. Here's the knee test...