Rafiki Update


On my way back home in the morning to work on some things and get some bugs ironed out. Anyone who has programmed anything knows that the first showing always has some unexpected things happen with it. The good news is that I have had some ideas on how to improve the design of not only the robots plastic parts, but also its sub controllers some.

I got to work with my son some and we were able to discuss how we would like updates to the EZ-AI server to happen. We also were able to discuss ways to disable features which are pay for type features to possibly provide a non-subscription option for those who are interested in that. It would require some more programming and would access it's data from wikipedia directly. This isn't our focus right now but it is being thought about. The spoken words would use some sst stuff that is available on linux.

We setup our server that will be used to authenticate subscriptions and services. This allows this part of the work to begin.

We discussed having different versions of EZ-AI that are more specifically suited to different types of industries and fields within those industries.

We started the EZ-AI plugin for EZ-Builder also this weekend.

Hmm, trying to think of anything else other than to say that work will be ongoing through the end of the year to finalize parts of the programming for the bot and for EZ-AI. We still hope to have videos up and start pre-sales of Rafiki and EZ-AI around the beginning of the year for product delivery hopefully by the end of 2016 for the Robot. I strongly believe that product delivery for EZ-AI will be much earlier that that.


Glad everything went well for you Dave.
I'm really looking forward to EZ-AI.
I believe this is one of the components very much needed today.


Just some changes that will help out quite a bit in working on Rafiki. Also, added a much stronger speaker and made some head modifications. Added some cutoff and power switch, along with 5 fuses to different things. Lets see, basically a rebuild from the ground up from what was posted before. The omni direction wheel in the back is much quieter than the caster I had in the previous videos... The head doesn't wobble when moving anymore. A lot of improvements that required a complete reprint and rebuild using lessons learned from the first build.

I posted a BOM in the public github also.


That music though...... Frown


Yea, he is from the same town as me. I like the words to this song. Not a country fan, but, the words have meaning for me.


Remindes me of that great line from the Blues Brothers Movie

"what kind of Music do you play around here ?"

"well we play both kinds, Country and Western"

keep up the great work Dave


Thanks Nick, around here it seems like that is the case for sure. American football, pickup trucks and country music for sure. My daughter went to school with Toby Kieth's children. We now live in the town that Garth Brooks came from. Also Reba, Blake Shelton, Carry Underwood, Trisha Yearwood and so many other country music stars came from around here. I am also related to Mel and Pam Tillis...

I am going to post a rather lengthy (20+ minute) video on Rafiki. It is worth watching to the end if you are interested in how it works/will work and where I am on this project.

I am able to work on this a lot more now for a couple of reasons. The main one is that my son has taken over EZ-AI development and is doing a great job. I just get to be the face and voice of it now, which allows me to work on the robot a lot more.

I will post the video here after it is done processing...



David, Thanks for the video update. It is very informative and gives a great overview. looking forward to the next ones.


P.S Will there be a Country music plugin?


LOL, only in EZ-AI Smile