Face Mouse


Don't even attempt VB.Net - i don't understand why they made it. It's a really weird BASIC version and the syntax is harder than C#. In fact, C# is probably the easiest language that i have ever used. It's super versatile in the ways you can code high level just like VB, or low level like C++ using unmanaged/unsafe code.

C# is absolutely awesome.

The challenging hurdle for anyone is having to learn Visual Studio. That's the only challenge - if you follow the plugin tutorial, i know you'll get it right away. It's pretty straight forward. Maybe i should make a video to accompany the tutorial which might help follow along.

You should see in the activity feed that the plugin has been updated.


Thanks. Yeah, i looked over VB.NET. Even sort of wrote one program with it (adapted a sample to meet my needs), but I agree, it has none of the simplicity that made VB attractive to casual programmers. If I need to learn something from scratch, I am going to go with C# (although Java would be more useful at work, I understand that a lot of the concepts are portable, so if I learn one, the other should be easier).

I think the tutorial is fine without a video for my purposes, but I always prefer reading to watching. I have a couple of plugin ideas I am pondering (some features I have asked for in the past that haven't risen to the top of your priority list, but easily fit the plugin model, like an Android version of the sensor stream receiver) so I will probably get to it sooner than later.

Thanks for updating the plugin with the position information. That will be helpful both for use and for learning from.



Just updated, and it works great, except I can't move the control to desktop 2. Is that not supported in plugins? (my desktop 1 is very full).



That is a current limitation to plugins regarding what desktop they can reside on. It's a planned future feature. The plugin system is only a few months old, and like all ez-robot features, will continue to evolve over time Smile