Modifications For The Adventure Bot Please Help Us Program This ;)


We are completely new to actually building EZ-Robots. My 7 year old son has been fascinated with them for probably about a year on Youtube. To try and encourage his love of ez-robots we bought the adventure bot for his birthday. My sister in law bought some extra parts because lets face it she wanted to win the "Best aunt" award. So she bought him the ultrasonic distance sensor and the LED block. Now we are struggling where to even begin after figuring out how to build the Adventure bot, attach the "extras", charge the batteries....we have no clue where or how to even begin programming this project. So much that the bot has been sitting for about 2 weeks! We want to encourage him but we are going to need the help of anyone who could tell us if this is even possible? We need help because the next project is to try and build him his own Wall-E bot! YES, we are crazy! *stress*


Welcome to the forum. The best place to start learning about EZ Robots and all they can, is to do all of the "Getting Started" tutorials. Even though they may not be specific to your Bot, you will gain insight on how to do all of the things you are asking about.


I'm about to jump on a plane to fly home to Calgary. I'll write you a little tutorial this evening when I'm home.


Thanks DJ now you aren't just my son's hero but mine as well. Winky Smile


Hour by hour. That's how we all get there. Good ideas take great effort. Great ideas take a lifetime. I didn't know anything about electronics until I started tinkering with ezrobot and Arduino now I am actually a beginner to robotics just a few years later. Imagination is the key, door and map. Enjoy and don't fear the blue smoke.


First small step was taken tonight. My son was in heaven when I decided to just let him use my phone to control it. A few little clicks and I had it up and running. I think my son is in heaven just being able to control it with my phone. We just want to encourage his love of robots since he has been an avid watcher of all the you tube videos. In fact as his dad was watching the tutorials tonight he said I have watched a lot of ez-robot videos.

Hope you had a safe trip home DJ Sures. My son was hoping you were celebrating Thanksgiving with all the robots. Winky (we live in US but he saw on his calendar that it was just the Canadian Thanksgiving recently and he thought of you.)


Thanks! Canadian thanks giving was awesome to be back home with my family. I'm settling in home and a little behind. I will have to give you a more detailed writeup tommorrow


@Future mom.

First off, welcome to the community. It's great to have you here. @leversofpower has got it spot on. Try not to get overwhelmed with all what can be done with the EZ-Robot platform, small steps are best. When I first joined here, I had no idea what was what, and had little experience of building robotsnand dived in at the deep end taking on too much. Looking back, playing around with simple commands then eventually building on that is by far the best way, as well as looking at other members project examples in the EZ-Cloud, and asking here on the forum. Lots of friendly and helpful people here who are willing to help.

It's great to here your son enjoyed controlling his robot with your phone. Great fun isn't it? I don't know of many robots you can do that with without paying a small fortune, and still have the ability to add in that. You and your son are in good hands here and I'm sure one day not too long from now, your son will be showing us what to do. Smile


While waiting on DJ to write up an adventure bot tutorial, going through some of the Roli or Six tutorials will give you a good overview of the abilities (in my opinion Adventure Bot is different enough from JD that those tutorials will not be as useful).


Thanks everyone! This had been great at least having others encourage us. Now that he has the control with my phone (and loving it) was wondering if anyone knows of a way to make a kindle fire work to control it so he doesn't have to steal my phone! Hahaha