Bb-8 1:1 Scale 3d Printable Robot


Hey guys, I just thought I would pass this on. If you like the new BB-8 Robot and want to make one for yourself....The BB-8 Builders club has put up ALL the stl's files and pdf's for you to 3d print it! Here is the link for you to join.

BB-8 Builders Club

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Nice! Now that's what we should be doing Grin I'd like to have a real B-8 and not that sphero let-down. Thanks for sharing!


my pleasure.


That is *sweet*. Q: is all the "action" on Instragram and YouTube, or will there be a site with a discussion board, etc.?

@DJSures: aw, c'mon DJ. The Sphero isn't *that* bad. It's a cute toy, and it keeps the cats on their toes.


You need to become a BB-8 Builders Club member(FREE) and then once approved you get a pdf with the links to d/l all the parts and the instructions etc.


How do you join? It brings me to the Facebook page when I click the logo. I wonder if they have a completed b8 that works yet? Seems their videos only have a dome printed.


Goto this link.


The site is under construction. They do everything under the facebook page. You join the Facebook group to become a member.


Signed up and have the files!


Im going to start mine once my XLR-ONE Mini orders are done. With 3 printers going i figure a week would do it. Im ordering the Clear Dome so i have it plus the other odds and ends. I have my V4 ready for this guy. Will be cool to have it interact with the XLR-ONES's.


Would BB-8 need the Inverted Pendulum in the EZ Shop to keep the head oriented? The other way is to just use weights on the bottom like the toys do I suppose.