Another Inmoov Modification


Wow, cool Bob. Pretty soon he'll be able to dance the Hoky Poky!


Nice work Bob!


Thanks for the nice comments everyone.
@cem, I hadn't thought of using those pistons in the biceps, I might change mine too. You do lose some torque with them but you gain speed.
And DJ, yes, legs are on the drawing board.


Your improvements are amazing!


The parts for this latest modification are now on Thingiverse.

Have fun!


@Bob, sweet! Thanks Bob, getting them now. I will let you know how it comes out in a couple of weeks. Smile


I modified the main socket for this stomach modification. It's now a 2 part socket that holds the joint together better when it is moved to it limits or lifted on.
The STL's are here;


Awesome work Bob. You're quite an inspiration. So much inmoov stuff going on at this forum now.
As I sit here looking at the BH neck on my bot.