Robot Mimicking Facial Expressions


You can watch it smile and make cute faces


Is it me or does anyone else find this creepy? *sick*



Lol, You just beat me to it. I watched the video and was about to reply when I saw you post. Really very well done, but damn... that is very creepy indeed and actually felt a little uncomfortable watching it. *eek*


A regular nightmare. Reminds me of the doll head on top of the spider legs in Toy Story.


Ok creep factor 1: the size of the damn thing, look at the size of its head compared to the guy holding it. Its supposed to be a kid.

Creep factor 2: stepped directly into the uncanny valley. We see hundreds of faces a day and know how they should look, down to tiny movements. If we see a human face thats not quite following those expectations, then we see it as sickness or death, like an animated corpse, and have a negative feeling overall.

This is why i think they should stop trying to make human replicas.


You're looking at a robot made by Hanson Robotics. Search for "Hanson Robotics" on YouTube or Google.

Pretty amazing stuff; they did a "clone" of Philip K. smiles ("Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) as well as an errie Einstein that was grafted to a ASIMO-type body. They also created an AI - Jules - that should really be cast as a Data character in a Star Trek film.