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Heres the newest episode. a multi-part series on the XLR-ONE Mini.


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This weeks Episode.. The Dangers of ebay Filaments.

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Hey guys adding a new segment to the channel. Quick-TIPS. Basically short videos with tech tips on 3d printing Modeling etc.


If you get cheap filaments by misadventure, it's probably still good for making glue. I save my ABS scraps and mix them with heavy duty acetone which melts it down into an ABS glue or paste....depending on the ratio.


@JustinRatliff I do the same. I use glass mason jars and make the glue in different colors. Mostly White, Black, Red and Blue. Its great for repairs and filling in gaps when you are attaching 2 or more parts together.


You can do colored glue? I never thought about that! <jaw drop> That's a great idea! Smile


Follow up video on the print quality of the Matterhacker brand filament.


First unboxing.. New Colorfabb XT-cf20 Carbon Fill Filament.