Myfirstplugin Error. Misssing Dll Or Incorrect Filename Specified In Plugin.xml


So I followed @DJ's excellent tutorial on creating an ez builder plugin... (the 2 servo button window).... Everything went great, no compiler errors and everything looks exactly like @DJ's tutorial... GUID is correct, folders and dll are where they are supposed to be and reference name (DLL) in the xml file seems correct... It even shows up in the beta section of ez builder.... But when I try to add the plugin to my project I get this error... "misssing DLL or incorrect filename specified in plugin.xml"
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That's an easy one - the filename of your DLL in the plugin.xml is incorrect Smile As the message says


Ha, ha, "easy one" ... some how I knew you were going to say that... Ok let me rephrase LOL... I know what's wrong, just not why it's wrong... For the life of me I can't see why the file name (MyFirstPlugIn.dll) is incorrect when that is the name that I have in my plug in folder of the DLL file... Here is my plugin.xml file....

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<PluginV1XML xmlns:xsd=""; xmlns:xsi="">;


Maybe it's case sensitive?

*Edit: i'm just waking up and so is my brain. I should have not suggested that. There is no case sensitive in Windows.

Show me a screenshot of your output folder where the plugin.xml is.


I copied and pasted the MyFirstPlugIn.dll file name into the xml file and saved it... Compiled my project again. I then went to my Visual Studio project folder and found the plugin.xml file... copied it and pasted it into the ez robot plugin folder of my unique plugin (with MyFirstPlugIn.dll already being there) GUID... I have done something wrong somewhere.... I guess I could delete the plugin and start over...?


You should not need to delete the plugin and start over.

The files will copy themselves to the build output folder when you build the project (CTRL SHIFT B). You do not need to copy the files manually.

I suspect the path is incorrect - what is the exact path to your output folder? For example...



The output path looks weird even though I navigate to the correct ez robot plugin folder it always defaults to what you see below...
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the output folder as I enter it before saving...
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The exact path is "C:\Users\Public\Documents\EZ-Builder\Plugins\ 233f4787-4d44-4ec7-8b4c-00aace3d1f30"


I see a space in your path Smile Right before the 233 of the GUID. The directory containing your output path has a space in it.

For example, you specified this...

C:\Users\Public\Documents\EZ-Builder\Plugins\ 233f4787-4d44-4ec7-8b4c-00aace3d1f30

The correct path should be this...


*Note: I highlighted in BOLD where the error is in your OUTPUT PATH declaration. There is a blank space in the directory name of the GUID.

1) Load the properties of the visual studio project


3) Remove the space at the beginning of the GUID

4) Close the properties and save your project

Now that you have corrected the path, the old output folder (the one with the space) will still exist in the PUBLIC Documents folder. You will manually need to delete that folder (the one with the space). Otherwise two plugins will show up and one won't work.


When I compile the xml doesn't get copied (only the dll and pdb files do) to my ez robot plugin folder so I copied it from from my visual studio project folder...