Ez Robot - Project Showcase Structure Change Request


There has been some issues brought up lately. The problem is that sometimes when someone other then the OP of the Project Showcase up loads an image or Video that image takes the place of the OP's Showcase Displayed image. This is the one that displays as a thumbnail next to the thread in the forum.

One of the solutions bouncing around is stop the ability of anyone to add pictures or videos to a project showcase other then the OP.

I just hate to see exchanges of ideas shut down. If the biggest complaint is what image is showing as the Showcase thumbnail then I think there is a simple solution (Hopefully as I don't know what would need to be changed in the coding of this forum). I think a good solution would be to have an option in the Showcase settings area for the OP of a Project Showcase to be able to chose one pic or video thumbnail as a Showcase Display. This would give us the power to show off the best or latest example of our robot and not limit creative interaction.

I've often wanted to change the picture that shows on my one and only project showcase and cant seem to figure out how to do it. I also don't want to or think I should have to hack around to do this.

Others also seem to want to protect the showcase as imminent domain of the OP where no other creative ideas can be posted. Limiting ideas, images and videos to just the OP would seriously reduce any interaction of ideas and understanding of processes. Anyone really following the thread or even reading the posters comments made along with the inserted image can easily understand what is happening and cause no confusion. Also locking out any interaction with the community in a project showcase or the limitation of the free exchange of ideas would be a true mistake in my opinion.

The only issues that could effect any project showcase would be the thumbnail next to the thread in the forum changing or an abusive poster. Abusive posters have happened in the past the admin has removed them from the forum. The OP having problems with other community members in a community setting offering suggestions or comments seems to me to be a bit self centered.

Again, just my opinion. However I think the request is valid and needed for this community forum. Winky


I agree with the select-able showcase thumbnail. In the event one isn't selected then default to the old setup. It could be a simple blue button like the ones below when typing a post.


I'd like to add my two cents. After this last experience of frustration, I could only come up with the idea that the author of the project page should be the only one to post images to the gallery. I don't want to stifle the exchange of information and the sharing of ideas, just that new posts from anyone but the author stay in the post itself not added to the gallery. The author alone should be able to keep the semblance of their project/gallery. Otherwise, a standard thread should suffice to share ideas?!


Perhaps every showcase should be a closed thread that only the OP can post to, and it automatically creates a linked/related discussion thread.

Just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks...



If every showcase was a closed thread,how would you receive any feedback on your project. I agree that the main thumbnail image should not change. Also need to be able to share pics/diagrams and design ideas within a project showcase. I have not seen any abusive posters on this forum. Lets keep on posting project showcases..Thats what keeps me exited to view on this forum..Sharing ideas for all.


Well i say just make it that only the owner of the projects pages pics show up on the main page and the top carousel. If you take away the ability for other makers who view your page and would like to contribute and help out or collaborate with your project your chipping away at what makes this community a " Community". I dont see the issue at all. I have people posting pics and drawings on all of my posts. I welcome it. Other wise its just a "One man show"



Of course throwing these ideas out are all well and good, but for whatever reason Chrissy is no longer there doing web development, so it is all back on DJ, and personally I would rather have him spend his time on features and bug fixes in EZ-Builder than making the forum better, so for now at least , project owners occasionally updating their pictures and DJ occasionally moderating out crazy people may be the best we can hope for.

Not trying to stifle the conversation, I think we have some great ideas here, just setting expectations of when we might be likely to see a change....



Yeah have not seen Chrissy or Allison around. Agree Alan, just was a rough night but again i dont think it will happen anytime soon...thank Gawd...On to bigger and better things...


Yeah, that idiot you were dealing with is a first class nimrod. Just fyi though (and not an excuse for his behavior, since he could have just told you this himself), he could not remove his pictures because he was banned from posting. Apparently didn't prevent him from modifying his user name, but he can't edit or create posts from that account.


Ah Ha! Thanks for that piece of info! Had no idea. I've blocked his emails and google plus, they broke the mold with him, said he built exo suits for DARPA, in the end i gathered he just a fan boy, wanting to be Tony Stark and built exo suits, quite sad actually. No reality in his world.