Pictures On Showcase Gallery


Pictures on Showcase Gallery
I agree with Dave (pictures from members can add interaction) and Alan (added pictures should not show at the top in Project Showcase).
A similar situation occurred on my grandson's post of his robot.
Someone added a cool picture of the robot they built with their grandson.
It was great interaction between EZ Robot builders, but it showed also at the top under Project Gallery.
I was questioned by my family why it appeared there. I was told, "but that is not Hunters Robot".
I think only pictures by the builder should show at the top in the Gallery, but a picture posted by another member for interaction and not for malicious intent is ok.
Steve S


@Steve, Looks like I started a similar thread. I Didn't know you were starting this.

Dave's Showcase request thread


EZ Robot and D.J.,
Your work and customer attention is great.
Thank You,
Steve S Winky