How To Use Roborealm For Indoor Navigation


We need to send video wirelessly for longer distance to our production monitors, the QuestTel gear which we use now it let us to transmit only 200 meters. Can any one recommend any other wireless HD-SDI gear which can take us up to 400-500 meters distance from the reciver ?

Look forward for recomendations



Hello @Richard R

I will soon be look at the price of the software and will plan on buying it unless there is something better out there.

Would you consider making this a Plug-in? An example helps me make it fit into my ideas.



@Ottoj- You simply need say a 200mw/600mw VTx, matching antenna's and a receiver to transmit video feed back to your screen, goggles, etc.

Will have much longer range than 200m, 1km-20km, etc all easily done.