Raspberry Pie On Windows 10 Iot Core


I am wondering if one could load EZ robot onto a Raspberry running windows 10 and use it in place of a PC or laptop to talk to a Ezb 4. Thanks in advance for any thoughts. It is all confusing now.


No, but you could write the robot functions you need with the UniversalBot SDK in C# and run it on a Raspberry Pi running Windows 10 iot Core.

EZ-Builder needs the full windows GUI. Windows 10 iot Core is just the operating system kernal. Basically designed for embedded systems that do one or two things, not a general purpose multi-tasking computer.



Thanks Alan. That clears things up a little.


This is the universalBot library: http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/UniversalBot

Microsoft doesn't have the greatest support for the Pi due to the resource demands of the Windows OS.


OK, this looks like what I need. Was rather annoyed that everything's tethered, but I can toss Win10IoT onto a Pi and I already have C# mojo, so this will probably do the trick.