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whats the Kondo like and why have you struggled with it?

Smarty's robot is of course run by an ez-robot controller-EZB4. Winky


Hi Newagetomy

The kondo stuff is awesome, strong servos and can do some cool stuff, but most of the support is in japanese, still cant find any English information about the linix backpack Dr guerro used (guy who made his dance with dolls and ride bikes ect..)
I got the robot working with the standard movements and poses, and the battle modes too with remote. Gyro stabilisation isn't as good as I would like though (will be better to add my own higher resolution one).

I think ill have to make a ezb4 controller purchase Smile I've seen the plugin for the kondo motors but I'm not sure how many feature I can actually use with the ez controller. if I can control speed, write positions and read positions (and maybe possibly current) off the servos it would be awesome Smile Teaching it to walk from scratch will be fun hehe


Can you share any info on how dr guerro made the robot dance. I noticed that @smarty also mentioned dr guerro



Looking at how well Smarty's robot walks, I would say EZ Robot can control the servos very well.


Awesome cant wait to play with it Smile I wish I knew how he did it, all I know is he uses the kondo linix backpack, haven't even seen any info in English for this, I know you can move the robot and record the position so wouldn't be too hard to learn some dance moves Smile The gyros keeping it balanced I guess might be a bit harder. Looking how smooth smarty's robot moves shouldnt be too hard with ez robot controller.

Here is some dr guero clips off you tube: He gets it to lift heavy loads, ride bikes, walk tightropes, walk on stilts, and dance with dolls. Shows how good the kondo servos are Smile



You joined here almost 8 months ago, get an ezb4 in there already, what are you waiting for?

*confused* *confused*


Didn't know it was possible to run kondo servos 8 months ago, only really started looking at it as a viable option recently Smile Just waiting for pay day hehe Not too long now


Best we stop hi-jacking this thread, but yeah digital servos are pretty much all the same as far as i know amigo, the ezb4 can run anything..