Ez-robot - My Robi 2.0


ah thanks for corecting.he has a voice too.awesome.


Supercool! Impressive work!

Btw which city are you located in Germany...I am from Bremen! Smile



Ich komme aus Oldenburg, lebe nun Nähe Vechta :-)


I sell and produce robots and the Dr. write Software and produce moddings only for his blog. the robots are the same. The german story in my video is: All people think its easy to make a walking robot.. but it takes a lot of time and its hard work. you can do what ever you want If the robot is build in high quality.

@Smarty- Hi Smarty, sorry i think you misunderstood what i was implying. Winky

I think your robot looks fantastic. Smile

I know you sell robots, ive seen your ebay store.

Where did i ever mention it was easy to make a robot walk? *confused*

That has me confused, other than that i wish i could speak German so i could understand your robots.

Will you be adding subtitles to any of your future videos by any chance?



any chance i get the link of your ebay store.



I mean in this Video:

"the story is": all people think its easy to make a walking robot.. etc.
this text was an video translation - nothing against you :-)

and yes! I wanna make a translation text in my next upload videos.


you find a link on my youtube page and under the most videos.
you´re welcome. Grin


@Smarty , great work....maybe someday I can catch a train and come to see your robots! Awesome to have such a great robot builder just around the corner! Grin



Ah i see! Tongue

It was a lost in translation moment he he.

Translation text would be great, but i know it takes a while to edit all that in. Winky



found it thanks


Amazing robot Smarty! I've had a kondo KHR-3hv for years and always had a struggle with it. I really wish I know how to read Japanese Smile I have so many questions about your build, do you still use the kondo controller or do you run the servos straight from ezrobot controller?