Ez-robot - My Robi 2.0



I mean:
hundreds of phrases which have a total of 4000 words Tongue

the whole year round I feed him with new words.. not easy.. because for the voice recognition a lot words sounds identical. learning by doing


haha, danke :-)
es dauerte sehr lange, knapp ein Jahr, die passenden Einstellungen und Wörter zu finden - damit er alles richtig versteht.


thank you Grin

@Nomad 6R

yes, the Robi 2.0 head side-parts are missing! because without he looks nicer :-)
my idea was: to make rubber hoses as hair on the sides like a "Predator"


ah he's gonna be a mean robot then.Aaarch


It was a lot of fun to watch and very impressive. Thanks for sharing. The time and effort you spent shows !


Very cool robot.
He is amazing!


robi has a big brother now.cookid 1s

User-inserted image


@Nomad 6R

cookid 1s is not the big brother.. hes is the little cheap pvc child I think Grin
my 2.0 cost 3500,00 EUR. Cookid 400-500 EUR and it looks like a child toy :-P



thank you :-)


Hi Smarty, your humanoid robots are really something, just amazing.


Smarty what sized servo's are on his legs?

They look much bigger than other's i've seen.

EDIT-I know what your robot is now, its a Kondo humanoid with a Robi head. : )


@NEWAGETOMY This robot was made from three different kondo robots, robi/ some ez-robot parts and other electronic stuff.

I have another version made with two different kondo robots, Ez-Robot and Robi Parts + some self made stuff :