Inverted Pendulum


Hello to DJ and the staff,

Is there any updates on availability for the Inverted Pendulum?

Ron R


Sorry no updates on availability but it is still in the works. It's one of our top priorities in terms of Hardware releases.


Thanks for the reply.

Ron R


I'm working on it as we speak Smile first prototypes were done and now we are tweaking before a production prototype is created.


gizza look



Any delivery upates ?

User-inserted image

Ron R


Nice! Looks like you're ready for it. The pendulum manufacturing had been delayed due to inventory shortage at our facility. Ezrobot had been working toward growing our manufacturing capacity of the existing products to make room for new products. There's a number of items, including a gps, led, displays and more in the queue as well. Gosh, I'm hoping for Jan or feb!


*Edit: What DJ said lol


Thanks for the reply. I know you guys have been busy, and I also know cool stuff is coming soon. LOL , I've had this around for a while and I was curious how things were going.

Ron R


To BB-8 builders,

Maybe use something like this in the BB-8? By attaching an axle to the top servo in the center of the ball and shifting the drive assembly with the top servo may make it turn?

Ron R