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Calling Skycams From Ezbuilder

Assistance Requested

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I wanted to bring up skycams after directing my robot to show them.
The following code brings up the skycam I want, but I would like it to scroll down 2 clicks, and close out after a time period, returning to EZ Builder.
Steve S


$ISUcam = ""
say("I have opened a browser on your computer to I S U")
$attributes = "/F /IM dllhost.exe"
Exec( "taskkill", $attributes )

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You need to change the "dllhost.exe" part to the name of your browser. For example:


$attributes = "/F /IM firefox.exe"


Thank you for responding.
I tried $attributes = "/F /internet-explorer.exe"
I think we are close, but sure about exact wording.
Steve S


@SteveS, the exact name of the application is: iexplore.exe


This is difficult because 2 EZ Builders helped me, thank you both.
fredebec gave me the exact wording.
Maybe Ez Robot can have an option for 2 that helped?


@Steve S, you're welcome.


Is there any way to have the script scroll down 2 clicks to slightly increase view?
Steve S


You would need to figure out how to get a command to trigger the down scroll button for the camera, if thats the way the way the control works.
You could make EZ-Builder open the link the down button has, though it could cause other problems. Try and see.


@Steve, I think you could use AHK (autohotkeys) to scroll down the IE window. There is keys for "mouse scroll down" or "keyboard down" (
Rich is the expert of AHK, and I think you may find some examples in some of his posts by searching in the forum.


@Steve S, I have tried out your code and have it working so far as it opens up the skycam but it doesn't shut down after a specified time. Did you get it working so that it will close out after a time period and return to EZ Builder ?