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Camera Config - Change Media Save Folder

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Hi everyone,

I tried recently to change the Media Save Folder in Camera Config from "C:\Users\Fredebec\Pictures\My Robot Pictures" to something else, but it don't seems to be possible anymore : the text field is not active. I know for sure I was able to do it in the past...

I don't know if it is an EZ-Builder issue or if there is something wrong with my config. Are you guys able to change the Media Save Folder ?

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The media save folder was not selectable - however, i have added it to the next release. The release should be either tonight or tomorrow.


Thanks @DJ for your quick answer and solution.


DJ, Have you fixed the recording issue where video wasn't being recorded? Changing the destination won't help much if we can't capture pictures/video.



Picture snapshot is working fine for me.... Haven't tried video, however...


Yes, picture snapshot is working. The problem is only with video recording...