E4-b4 Build Diary. (r2-d2's Little Brother)


you can store it on your atik for later use


Congrats and well deserved despite some really tough competition in that contest. There were some really cool devices, but I think your excellent instructions pushed you into the top 3 (it is "Instructables" , not "look at the cool thing I built"Winky.



Cheers Alan.

Absolutely right. There really were some great entries (I did like the wood millennium falcon, although I wanted that prize, lol), so E4 did well to get placed where he did. Like you say, it's not a wow factor contest, it's about the content so I must have gotten something right. Winky

Thanks again.


That is great. Good job Steve!


Thanks David. I am well chuffed with the result.


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Great News ! A big Well Done and Congrats !

Ron R


Cheers Ron. Thanks very much.

@DJ. If you're reading this, any chance you could get rid of that spam crap posted in post #196? Thanks.


Hey Steve, maybe down the road you can use the orbit headset and use mind control to operate E4. The only concern with that is, he may send feedback and control you....

Be Well,

Ron R


Lol, that's a thought (no pun intended). I was actually thinking what I could use it for in regards to EZ-robot. I'll have to see if a can come up with anything.