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Any Ez-roboteers In The Miami Area Able To Help A Brookstone Store Set Up Their

Assistance Requested

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thetechguru claims to have checked these sources:

I have been talking to Beth, the store manager at a Brookstone in Miami, and they are having terrible trouble getting a Six running. She isn't able to view the tutorials at work, nor can she bring the Six home to work on.

See the secondary discussion on thread

I have also communicated by email.

Is there anyone in the area who can go to the store and help? If you could bring an EZ-B Lipo battery, charger, and your EZ-B just for troubleshooting purposes to make sure hers are not damaged or an out of box failure, that would be even better.

Contact me by email (address in my profile) and I'll forward you her contact info.



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Alan, is there additional information you can provide about the issue Beth is having? Brookstone has a support program for using the demo robots and they also have contact for EZ-Robot support as well. Also, this forum is the best Smile. Maybe Beth can post her troubles and we can help her here if traditional supports isn't working for her. Community never fails!



Beth has tried to use her internal contact and he is not responding to emails or phone calls. She had no instructions for contacting EZ-Robot, so I forwarded an email to customer support for Aislinn to forward as needed.

She has tried 2 Six's and neither will even turn on (they may have been damaged or have blown fuses, the associate who put them together had several of the servos plugged in backwards that we know of, unsure what else might have happened before Beth took over trying).

As well as the email I forwarded to support, you can see the beginnings of the discussion in this thread (she didn't know how to post a new thread... like I said, not at all technical, can't access the web from work, so trying to remember as much as she can for when she comes home, but she can't bring one of the Six's home either, so really stuck in a hard place, which is why I was looking for any Miami based users who might be able to physically assist rather than remotely assist.



Where in miami?



I am not sure, other than it is a Brookstone. I sent you an email with Beth's contact info.



Ok im going on over to Brookstone tomorrow at 2pm to check out the situation.


Awesome Anthony! Thanks for jumping in and helping out.



no problem


Anthony, bring a robot! Bet that would draw a lot of attention for yourself and us. And impress the heck out of everyone in the mall!


Take some pictures too! It would be great if you could video it so we could all share in the proceedings, but I doubt she'd like that. However, a few pics might be ok.